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30 Nov 2013 12:30 PM | Deleted user

Why did you come to Australia?

Before arriving in Australia, I knew nothing except for Paul Hogan and the crocodile hunter. I literally thought the roads of Sydney would have sand blowing across them with Paul Hogans all around. Boy was I wrong.

Going back a few years now (10), I fast-tracked my bachelors’ degree and ended up graduating in August, as opposed to April/May. Accordingly, I was ineligible for law school in Canada until the following September and I had no interest in waiting around for 1 year. Therefore, I found an advertisement in my university newspaper which was advertising Bond University. It was tri-mestered so I could start immediately and I could complete my degree in 2 years, as opposed to 3. I therefore had a look at the website and it said it was in a sub-tropical location, conveniently situated close to Surfers Paradise. I then googled Surfers Paradise to discover it was a real city! I then made my application within days, notwithstanding I had only seen the ocean on 2 occasions prior to that when I visited Disneyland (as most Canadians do).

After moving to Australia, I discovered it was very similar to Canada. For the longest time I called it the forgotten province of Canada. However, after living in Australia for some time, I soon realised that Australia had many many opportunities with a great climate, great food and great people.

So what about you? Why did you remain in Australia?

I look forward to talking to and hearing from the membership!

- Damin

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