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  • 30 May 2013 9:35 PM | Deleted user

    After days of rain, Saturday dawned dry and bright. We had a beautiful blue sky day for our adventure. A group of 15 gathered to ride the Monorail and check out some of Sydney’s city pubs. About a third of the group had never been on the Monorail so we’re very excited at the opportunity to ride it before it disappears. 

    After a quick drink at the Watershed we jumped on the Monorail and headed off to our first stop – Paddy’s Markets and The Pumphouse which holds a key place in Sydney’s history. . (please see the Latest Club News for details!)

    After our beers and some tasty hot chips, it was time to board the Monorail and on to our next stop – World Square and the Square Bar. The Square Bar is part of the Rydges hotel and offered a great space to spread out on their comfy lounges and take in all the shops in World Square. This was my favourite stop as being a red wine drinker I loved the HUGE red wine glasses they use to serve their wine. Definitely a place I’ll be going back to, to relax and enjoy some great red wine!

    Before too long we were back on the monorail and heading to the City Centre stop and Gowings Bar & Grill located in the funky new QT Hotel. You’d be forgiven for not being able to find this little treasure as it’s tucked away on the 2nd floor of the old Gowings Building. The art deco entrance, tucked next door to the State Theatre, leads to a 1920s-style café. An elevator ride up one floor opens into a dark hotel lobby filled with leather armchairs, mannequins and a wall made of old leather suitcases! Around from the lobby and up a flight of stairs and you find yourself in a chrome and wood wonderland with walls of wine bottles and glass shelves busting with every known spirit. 

    As is typical in Sydney – we stumbled across a fellow Canadian in the form of our waitress. She was thrilled to know a Canadian club existed! A few drinks, some more hot chips and then we were on our way back to the Monorail. Next stop Darling Park and the Helm Bar.

    We arrived at the Helm Bar at around 5pm as the sun was just starting to set. One floor above the main concourse of Cockle Bay, overlooking the Maritime Museum and Sydney Aquarium it offers great views.  Again we lucked out on a great corner spot filled with lounges to spread out and watch the sun setting over the harbor as the group tucked into some delicious wedges and a few drinks. Before too long it was time to jump back on the Monorail and on to our last stop – Harbourside and the Margaritaville.

    We strolled into the Margaritaville and were entertained by live music from 2 musicians. Singing all the old favourites we enjoyed a great sing-along. The group agreed it was a great day out and a chance to not only ride the Monorail but visit some pubs they’d never been to before.

    Rumour has it another Pub Crawl may be organised for later in the year…

  • 28 Apr 2013 8:22 PM | Deleted user
    What a Stunning Day!

    That was heard frequently on this walk on a sunny Sunday morning just after the most amazing rainstorm in weeks! 12 Canadians and Australians met up at Maroubra Beach and enjoyed the gorgeous walk to Clovelly Beach along the coast through Coogee. There was an interesting bit climbing over large rocks with breathtaking waves crashing to shore nearby. At least one person got their feet wet! It was the perfect day for the walk as we missed the rain but the waves were still wild enough to provide some excitement.

    From then on we walked over a boardwalk that protects the fragile coastal environment along the shoreline to Coogee. We stopped at the Duningham Reserve and looked at the two tributes to the Bali Bombing victims of 2002 and then on to Clovelly Beach and the “Cloey Hotel” bistro for a lunch.

    Winter is the best time to go for walks around Sydney as the weather is not so hot but it can still be sunny. Check out the CAC website in the next few months for another walk. Email us if you have an idea for a walk!

  • 25 Mar 2013 8:41 PM | Deleted user
    A small team of Canadian club members emerged victorious in the REN Education Centre trivia pub crawl last weekend. The fund raising exercise was endorsed and Canadian club teams were organized by Brenda Patterson, who gets a big thank you for suggesting this fun event.

    Teams of 6 wandered between 4 pubs, starting at the Argyle, going to the Observer hotel, then the Fortune of War and ending at the Paragon. The main event was trivia sheets filled with thought provoking and slightly maddening questions. There were extra bonus games such as heads or tails and human scrabble. The REN Education Centre uses this pub crawl to raise funds and awareness of mental health issues facing children in NSW (to find out more about this great group, click here).

    The victorious team, the Beavers, started at a disadvantage, with only 3 team members. Through their impressive knowledge, determination, crazy good luck and generous bribes they won the game and bragging rights. There was much giggling and laughter heard in each pub. A wonderful afternoon, for a great charity.


  • 27 Feb 2013 8:54 PM | Deleted user

    Event Details: Snorkelling Day at Shelly Beach, Manly

    Event Hosts: Mick and Linda

    Event Guests:  Chris, Sarah, Al, Linda, Pem, Kim, Andy, Garth, Rick, Maureen, Jacquie, Bryan, Amy and Andre,

    Snorkelling day at Shelly Beach

    What do you get when you mix a warm, sunny Sunday, a bunch of Canadians, a group of Aussies, a few Americans, a token Brazilian, snorkel equipment and a few GoPro cameras? A well-attended and perfectly enjoyable Canadian Australian Club snorkeling event – that’s what!

    The red and white Canadian beach umbrella served as the beacon to draw this global group together on the shores of Shelly Beach. Sixteen of us met up with our snorkel gear, sunscreen and sense of adventure on hand. We listened attentively as Mick provided the briefing and then it was time to don our gear and take the plunge together and explore.

    The intimate cove was packed with other scuba divers and snorkelers so it was obviously a popular spot. The water was warm and a bit murky, but a variety of fish were spotted by a number of us. After enjoying a welcome swim, we soaked in the sunshine, the stunning views across to Manly and the chance to meet some friendly new faces. And yes, the boys got some interesting GoPro footage, as evidenced here!

    Allan's video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AacyH7LUdE

    Chris' video  - http://youtu.be/Kam0AupkyQk  

    Standing on the beach, take-way coffees in hand, the conversations moved to discussing life here compared to various spots around the planet that we used to call  home. As we wrapped up, everyone agreed that they thoroughly enjoyed the day and that it was wonderful to be on a beach in February!

    Thanks to event organisers Linda and Mick, especially Mick, whose knowledge of snorkeling and our chosen spot was incredibly helpful.

  • 23 Jan 2013 10:40 PM | Deleted user

    Overall, the Maritimes are known for many things. This includes the beautiful scenery, the friendly folk, Keith’s, and above all, the amazing musicians. Australia has caught this maritime fever, and on the hottest day Australia has seen in years, those at the show were transported (in a wonderfully air conditioned venue) to the East Coast of Canada. 

    One of the best parts of this showcase is the relaxed nature of the musicians, their engagement with the audience, and their great sense of humour. For a few hours, it felt like we were in a Halifax pub on a Saturday night, listening to some great local talent.

    With some notable Sydney Canadians in attendance (including the Consul General and his wife) the night started with the musical styling’s of Fredericton's Andy Brown. Andy truly lit up the stage with his stories and songs and he also managed to get the crowd to sing along to a few of his tunes. As he was the first act on, this was no mean feat!

    Next the Australian instrumental act Cole + Van Dijk took the stage, and they proved that yes, Australian’s know how to play the fiddle!

    Dave Gunning was the third act, and this mild mannered Pictou County gent lists Stan Rogers and Gorden Lightfoot as his musical influences. Dave’s hockey song took me back to my childhood, where I remembered my time spent on the neighborhood rink in the middle of winter.

    The last solo act for the eve is one of my all time favourite singers from PEI, Tim Chaisson. CAC members were first introduced to to Tim at the AUSCAN songwriter’s festival last year and he did not disappoint this night.

    The final group to play were Vishten, who are an Acadian folk band from PEI and Quebec. As their songs were all in Acadian, us English types relied on their tone and harmonies to entertain. Regardless of the language barrier, all in attendance were clapping and toe taping to their tunes.

    Overall, this is a great event and is a must see for any Canadian folk music fans. Thank you to the Consul General for informing and inviting us to this great event!

  • 08 Dec 2012 3:09 PM | Deleted user
    This year the AGM was held at the official residence of the Canadian Consul General, and what a great way to end the 2012 Canadian Australian Club social calendar! 

    With approximately 30+ people in attendance, the actual AGM was short, snappy and completed in 30 minutes. This left for plenty of socialising and drinks in the garden, as the weather Gods were kind enough to hold back the rain.

    Highlights of the AGM include past President Chris Warrick proposing that the club dispense with the formal auditing process (motion passed), and the election of the new 2013 committee. A "social audit" was also presented, which informed club members of the current struggles faced by the committee, and demonstrated areas which may need improvement. This social audit sparked a bit of conversation later in the evening, as new and sophesticated "El Presidente" Kathleen Prokopovich mingled with new and experienced members to discuss possible ideas to improve club membership.

    Lastly, this was an AGM where we did not have a problem achieving "quorum". All those in attendance would like to thank our wonderful hosts, the Consul General Mario Ste-Marie and his lovely wife Anne Lessard, for opening their home to us. Special thanks also go to Consulate staff Sharon and Christiane, as well as past president Chris Warrick, who brought the evening all together. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it was a great success, and MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!


  • 20 Aug 2012 10:52 PM | Deleted user
    (Written by new member and film buff, Steve Jaggi)

    One week. Three great films. And a reminder that not matter how far and how long I travel - I'll always be Canadian.

    Now entering my eleventh year of living abroad, when people ask me where I'm from I struggle to answer. My accent has settled into the decidedly "foreign, bot not anywhere in particular" category. My Canadian roots have taken a back seat to the pressures at work and the hunt for a oh-so elusive social life amongst the pressures of living in the 21st century.

    When, in between conference calls and round tables, my phone vibrated and I read the email from the Canadian Australian Club inviting me to the Possible Worlds film festival I promptly ignored it and soon forgot all about the festival, and Canada. Strange then that over drinks a few days later a friend rather serendipitously showed me a trailer for Indie Gamer.
    "Didn't you know", he asked, "it was a huge hit at Sundance!"

    Forgetting for a moment my carefully cultivated urbane posturing my eyes bulged and my inner geek shouted: I have to see this! But where... and then I remembered the CAC email. Remember, if you will, that I was enjoying a (read: eight) social beverage(s) I jumped online and promptly bought tickets for Starbuck, Goon and Indie Gamer.

    Starbuck was amazing. Easily one of the best films I've seen all year. Considering that I bought a ticket to this film assuming that it had something to do with Battlestar Galactica (which by the way I'm glad it didn't. That would be one messed up movie!) I wasn't prepared for such a moving, compassionate and human comedy. Ken Scott's taught script tells the story of David Wozniak, a loveable Quebec loser who, through a mishap at a spermbank he donated to when low on cash over a decade ago, finds out he's fathered 533 children.

    Next up was Goon. Starring American Pie's Seann "Steve Stiffler" William Scott and also featuring Pie alumni Eugene Levy this Hockey comedy wears Canadian pride on its sleeve. I should mention that a majority of cinema patrols were sporting hockey jerseys. The brilliant Kim Coates, best known for the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy also features as the team coach, although sadly he was, in my humble opinion, under used.

    Rounding up my Possible Worlds film extravaganza was indie gamer. There's a reason this film was a hit at Sundance. Take my advice and let your inner geek out for this one. Brilliant!

    All told three brilliant Canadian films is one week. And you know what I realised? Living abroad for a decade has made me more, not less Canadian. These three films, completely diverse on the surface, share a humility and compassion for the trod-on. Australian cinema is known for championing the under-dog. At its heart, Canadian cinema illustrates a uniquely Canadian trait: regardless of what everyone else thinks (in Starbuck the entire world, in Goon Doug Glatt's parents) we do what we feel is morally right. No matter what the cost. And you know what I realised?

    I am Canadian :)

    See you next year at the Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival in Sydney.

    -Steve Jaggi
  • 30 Jul 2012 12:50 PM | Deleted user

    On a bright, sunny winter afternoon a few dedicated new and old CAC members met at Bondi beach for an afternoon skate. This outdoor skate was a far cry from my last (on the Ottawa canal in -40C with wind) but it was none the less an experiance.

    Despite the rinks best efforts there was a 1 inch layer of water on the rink (thanks to the Sydney sun) which made it a bit of a swimming pool and sharp skates would have been a godsend.Thoes aspects aside, there was a great vibe from the skating crowd, it was a fantastic Sydney winter day, and really, how many people can say they skated on one of the most famous beaches in Australia with surfers catching waves behind them???

    A big thankyou to all the CAC members who braved the Bondi parking, and joined us for an event that you can only do in Oz, skating on the beach :)

  • 28 May 2012 9:28 PM | Deleted user
    It was a chilly Autumn evening that had people searching for some warmth, which was found at the AUSCAN Song Summit at Darling Harbour on Sunday evening.  There were 5 CAC members  and about 100 other people that showed up and didn't really know what to expect during the evening.  Well, we were welcomed with open arms to the AUSCAN Song Summit Circle reception and performance like we were family.  We enjoyed lovely drinks and entrees while overlooking the always impressive Darling Harbour view.  

    The AUSCAN Song Summit Circle was then introduced, which showcased East Coast Canadian award winning artists Matt Anderson, David Myles and Tim Chaisson, alongside two of Australia's favourites Henry Wagons and Ray Beadle.  Everyone was taken through a journey of the songs written by these artists, the history of them and then they sung them for us.  Each and every artist was truly amazing, but Matt Anderson took the house down with his powerful and emotional voice that had people in tears and giving him standing ovations.  It was also so special to see them all perform together - wow, wow, wow!  Our souls and hearts were warmed by the incredible talent! After the performance, we had a opportunity to meet the artists, who were all very welcoming and friendly.  It felt like you were sitting in a living room with these guys during a jam session.   

    I'm keeping an eye out for Song Summit 2013 - you can guarantee you will see me there!

    Thank you so much CAC for organising such an amazing event!!! 

    -Sarah Hatfield
  • 25 Mar 2012 10:09 AM | Deleted user
    This past Wednesday the CAC had another go at Trivia in the Rocks. This game started with a difficult round, with all teams in the comp falling in the 16-20 point range. Even though we had some mature brains at the table, there were still some tunes and questions that we left blank.

    All in all, there were 5 of us out, and we came in 5th. So not a bad effort again.

    Next trivia night TBA, as a few of us regulars have some busy months ahead. If anyone is interested in "hosting" the trivia" (all you have to do is email Catriona our Event's person, and then show up on the night) and she can book a table under the CAC name for you. It's a great, relaxed way to meet some new people and give your brain a work out at the same time!
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