Hockey Night Update - Remainder of this Season/Postseason

28 Mar 2014 9:04 PM | Deleted user
The Latest news from Doug at HNIS:

Last Hockey Night - Mar 19 was the first evening we showed same day games and a grand total of 12 people showed for 2 same day games.

What does that mean for the playoffs? That will depend if Adam decides to run the playoffs. A decision will be made on the playoffs after April 9.

Remaining schedule for the rest of the season:

Wed Apr 2:
4:30pm - Winnipeg v Anaheim - Mar 31
6pm - Montral v Tampa -Apr 1
8pm - Rangers v Vancouver - Apr 1

Wed Apr 9:
4:30pm - Anaheim v Vancouver - Apr 7
6pm - Toronto v Tampa - Apr 8
8pm - Boston v Minnesota - Apr 8

Wed Apr 16:
4:30pm - Rangers v Montreal - Apr 12
6pm - Toronto v Ottawa - Apr 12
8pm - Colorado v Anaheim - Apr 13

*game schedule may change if Foxtel shows the game

Hockey Night - Next Season
Dough will not be running Hockey Night for the 14/15 season. It will be up to someone (or more) to step up and run Hockey Night next year.

What do you need to have if you want to run Hockey Night?

1. Plan. What days/how often are you going to have the gatherings

2. Venue. Where will the games be shown

3. A way of showing the games. If you're planning on using Game Centre, then you'll need a venue which has internet and can put that output onto at least one big TV.

4. Schedule. Plan out what games you will be showing, at least for the first 2 months.

5. Hockey Night will continue to raise funds for a hockey related item/team. If you don't want to raise for the Canterbury Eagles that's fine, but you should indicate what your accepting the donations for instead. Ex. Sponsoring a player on the Bears/Dogs

6. Those running Hockey Night cannot make a profit, cover expenses and vouchers from the gathering location (i.e. pub) yes. Hockey Night is not about helping you raise money for a PS4 fund or extra beer money for the weekends.

7. No details of email addresses or other data from those who attend can be used for anything other than HNIS.

You will need to provide the above to Doug by mid-September, otherwise Hockey Night will hibernate for the 14/15 season.

Doug will send an email out prior to the 14/15 season indicating if HNIS is hibernating or if someone else will be running Hockey Night, so you will have the opportunity to remove yourself from the email list if you are uncomfortable with someone else having access to your details.

Otherwise, if you want to keep track of what's going on you can keep an eye on the facebook page, it doesn't require a login to view posts.

For more info, contact Doug at : 
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