Mick's Handy Snorkelling Tips

05 Jan 2013 6:09 PM | Deleted user

To prepare for our upcoming snorkelling event, CAC member Mick Patterson has put together some great advice for budding snorkelers. Thanks Mick!!

Snorkeling Gear

To snorkel you will require the following items:

  • ·       Mask – Be sure the mask fits your face. Hold the mask up to your face being sure to clear the strap from your face. Breathe in through your nose. The mask should seal perfectly and stay on, without holding it, for as long as you breath in. If any air leaks in, water will also. Keep all hair out of the seal. If you have a moustache, use a good glob of Vaseline, sunscreen or Chapstick below your nose to act as a gasket or consider shaving the night before.
  • Note: if you purchase a mask be sure to smear and rub, a small amount of tooth paste on the inside of the lens, to prevent the mask from fogging up whilst snorkeling. Be sure to rinse it well, otherwise you may experience a high from the toothpaste fumes whilst snorkeling.

  • ·       Snorkel – Try to get a snorkel with a ‘purge valve’, so as when it floods with water you can give a small blow of air to clear the water. It makes your snorkeling experience a little bit easier. If you are unsure ask for assistance when buying or renting a snorkel.

  • ·       Fins – Choose fins that are snug but not too tight. If they hurt or curl your toes, you may develop cramps while snorkeling. If they slip off your heels, they are too big. Better a little big than too small. Remember they will slip on easier when your feet are wet.

These items can be either purchased or rented (for a small amount) through a dive shop or a water sports retailer. Please refer to the list at the bottom for your nearest dive store.

General note: if you don’t have any gear and only intend on snorkeling the once, rent some good quality gear from your local dive store. When purchasing snorkeling equipment, the cost can vary depending upon the level quality and the comfort. If you only intend to go snorkeling once in a blue moon, don’t go spending 100’s of dollars, but if you intend making it one of your regular hobbies comfort and quality will be of significant importance, so a larger investment may be required. Be sure to seek assistance from a reputable dive store.

Word document of Sydney Dive Shops:

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